© 2019 by Alexander Buckeridge

Client Name : Europan 14

Project Name : X_X_X

X-X-X seeks to capitalize on the diverse spectrum of the program outlined by the multi-player participatory process on the site of Al Azraq. The unique opportunity to host such varied programmatic uses requires a building which is inherently responsive to the task of mixing. Our proposal, therefore, is a direct response to this question – How to create a multi-use building capable of both separating and connecting users from diverse programs where the whole is richer than the sum of the parts?


The desire to create a landmark that represents both the present and future of Alcoy was realized by rejecting the typically introvert courtyard typology in favour of a truly public building – an innovation hub that capitalizes on the exchange of Community, Learning and Innovation and quite literally opens its arms to the citizens of Alcoy.


Three X shaped forms are stacked on top of one another to create a unique condition that encourages social interaction while also taking strong directional relationships from the urban fabric. The heart of the scheme is characterized by the Mixing Chamber – the intersection of each of programmatic arms creating a shared space of exchange whilst also intelligently separating the multitude of different functions.